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Birth Injury Attorney Mesa AZ

A birth injury to the baby or mother is heartbreaking to the entire family. Doctors and medical professionals are supposed to have the training and expertise needed to avoid mistakes and prevent injuries during pregnancy and delivery. Unfortunately, serious negligence in the birth or delivery process can result in injuries that will change a family forever.

Free Consultation ▪ Spanish Available ▪ No Attorney's Fees Unless You Win

If you or your baby suffered an injury because of a mistake or negligence before, during, or after delivery of your child, talk to us. The Trevino Law Offices has been helping families recover money damages for birth injuries and medical negligence for more than 23 years in Phoenix and Mesa.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation about your birth injury claim. We work with a network of independent professionals to prepare a clear, compelling case for full and fair money damages your family needs. If we can't help your family recover money in a settlement or trial, you won't pay attorney fees.

"I understand what a birth injury means to your family. What is supposed to be a joyous occasion has become an injustice that will change your family forever. I will be compassionate and responsive to your family's needs until we have resolved your case and other losses" - Attorney Art Trevino

We handle cases relating to all birth injuries and wrongful death, including:

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Erb's Palsy

  • C section injuries

  • Brain damage

  • Disfigurement from forceps injuries

We accept Arizona birth injury cases that other lawyers turn down

We want your family to have the effective, experienced legal representation you deserve. When you hire us, your questions and concerns won't be ignored. We provide personal attention to our clients. Attorney Art Trevino represents families from the beginning of the case through the resolution of the case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our firm serves clients in the communities of Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.

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